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Expert Guidance & Care for Workforce Changes

Your organization needs a trusted partner when pivoting and outplacing your workforce. SparkEffect confidently guides leaders and employees through workforce restructuring to empower employees to pursue purposeful new beginnings.

Career Transition and Outplacement

Your organization has to compassionately transition employees through job changes, all while minimizing business disruption, strengthening employer brand, and driving a strong culture. SparkEffect’s career transition and outplacement services are built on expertise and empathy to navigate transitions with nuance and purpose.


Supporting employees through restructuring

When your organization needs to support employees during workforce restructuring, SparkEffect offers tailored career transition coaching and technology solutions that provide expert strategy and emotional support while protecting your employee brand.

What we offer


Personalized career coaching and industry-leading tools that redefine career transition

Executive Outplacement

Guided executive transitions with certified expert coaching, leveraging results-driven digital toolkits

Retirement Planning

Certified coaching tailored for retirement and life transition planning

Relocation Career Services

Career guidance for relocating spouses/partners to swiftly identify employment opportunities

How we deliver

We offer insights to inspire action for what’s next.

How we help

  • Provide strategic strength-based career development that offers unparalleled proficiency and care while navigating job change
  • Give your people compassionate guidance that’s designed to elevate and invest in people through transition
  • Protect your brand and culture you’ve built while showing deep empathy for alumni

What you get

Organizations choose to work with SparkEffect because we accelerate results.

What to expect

  • Support employees with 1:1 coaching for strategic career transition
  • Help individuals gain confidence and optimism about the future
  • Protect your culture and increase engagement
  • Develop alumni relationships and talent pipelines
  • Mitigate reputational damage from poor transitions
  • Demonstrate deep compassion and care for employees

SparkEffect gets results

Our tailored solutions meet the needs of your people and organization and it shows.

40,000+ Employees Served

With unparalleled career transition experience, compassionately guiding individuals through changes.

98% Satisfaction

Our tailored approach drives high satisfaction.

+86 NPS

Our clients recommend us more than anyone else in the industry.

Complementary solutions

Explore other solutions SparkEffect offers to help solve your organization’s most significant challenges.

Career Development

Develop your workforce with personalized career planning for employee growth, retention, and talent alignment across the organization.

Executive Coaching

Transform leaders, teams, and individuals with targeted coaching that strengthens capabilities and fuels your talent pipeline for the future.

Get confidential guidance for workforce restructuring